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Wabi Sabi mom: What does it mean?!

What is wabi sabi mom?

A wabi sabi mom does her best. Whether that means all organic, paleo, gluten free meals, or perhaps she lets her kid eat a timbit off the floor of the car that has been there for a week.

It's loving seeing your kids dressed up, matching, like a cute little Gap ad; and also letting them wear whatever the fuck they want some mornings because you’re too tired to argue.

It's realizing when you get into bed that you haven't given your partner a moment of attention or affection, and then falling asleep... and promising yourself you'll do it tomorrow .

Its letting the dishes pile up so you can read your kids a story, kiss them 800 times and then sit your ass on the couch to watch netflix with a glass of wine and feel 100%

ok with it.

Its embracing your Mom bod. WHATEVER that looks like. You have stretch marks, AWESOME. You have saggy tummy skin, even BETTER. You haven't got your

'pre baby body' back yet? Guess what, YOU GREW A HUMAN. You look like a tanned golden yoga instructor, incredible. You work out, cool! You don't work out, neat!!

No body shaming here.

It's picking up a parenting book at the end of the night to learn how to mom better, and then creeping Facebook or instagram for an hour and falling asleep with your phone in your hand.

It's going out with your girlfriends, promising yourself you're only having one drink; and then getting caught up in the fun and drinking a whole bottle of wine and laughing so hard you pee yourself.

Its about fully accepting where you are at RIGHT NOW. That you are in survival mode, and you are doing the very best you can for you and your family in this moment.

But most of all, a Wabi Sabi Mom is enough.

You're enough. You are doing enough.

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