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Love your Postpartum photoshoot

Did something completely out of my comfort zone this week.

On a London Mom Club Facebook page, a young woman asked if there were any women who would let their 'post partum' bodies be photographed.

I think she may have been overwhelmed at the response. She has been working her ass off the last 2 weeks shooting so many grateful women for giving them photographs that show the beauty of the bodies that created their babies.

These are just 2 of my pictures. I can't wait to see other ones!!

Please go to Mikaela Shannon Photography's Facebook page to see more inspiring, real, #mombods

I am so happy to be a part of this project.

Embrace all the bodies!!!

Having a baby rocks your world, and the last thing you need to be hung up on is your body getting back to 'pre-baby'. Know why?

Because you are post baby now. So things are different.

Your priorities Your sleep Your capacity for love Your time available for you

and with each new child, each new stage, things will change.

All you can do is your best.

That looks different for every person.

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