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How to win the bed time battles

I bet that got your attention

I actually have no fucking idea how to win at bedtime

All I can think about is the second that I get to sit my ass down on the couch and re-enter Netflix binge land, or Pinterest on my phone. Likely both at the same time.

I've heard all the advice

Have a routine

Make sure they go to sleep early

Don't give them any attention reward

But for some reason I walk down the hall most nights feeling defeated and like a shit-tastic mother.

So here are my actual real life tips for making bed time AT least tolerable.


2. Make their bed time enjoyable for you. Do you like reading to them? Leave time to do that.

Sometimes we just lay in bed and watch music videos on youtube!

Do you hate giving them baths at night? Then don't! Bathe them in the morning when they need it, or delegate baths to Dad (this is what we have done in our house).

3. Try to have everything ready before they even think of it, take them pee, have their water bottle in bed already, have their stories picked BEFORE you get to witching hour. So then bed time can be a little bit smoother. You know you can anticipate all their ridiculous requests, so out smart the little muchkins!!

4. Release the perfect bedtime expectations. Sometimes you get home later, sometimes dinner takes longer, maybe you had a dance party after dinner. 15, 30 minutes later to bed every once and awhile isn't going to kill you, or them. Chill out. This is when some of the best conversations are had catching up after a long day.

5. More Wine, and currently streaming 13 Reasons Why...

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