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A day in the life: massage

Wake up at 6:30am Monday, Shae's awake and crawls in our bed. We do funny faces on snap chat and look through Instagram

Get out of bed at 7, Everleigh has woken up, cleaned her room and gotten dressed! This doesn't happen every day so I am quite pleased.

Then she helps Shae get dressed and clean her room! It's a miracle. Did someone pay them in skittles?

Make lunches for me and Everleigh, and make breakfast. Oatmeal, scrambled eggs, avocado, yogurt, applesauce and bacon. Jesus my kids eat a lot of breakfast. Oh and Shae ate half a blueberry muffin also!

Get a text from a doula client that things are happening. Pack birth bag and extra food to plan for a long night :)

Bring Ev to the bus at 8:10, come home, do my make up, brush shaes hair (this is harder than it sounds). Load up car with my sheets, lunch bag, birth bag, Shae and her stuff.

Drive toHealth Unit on highbury and dundas to drop off water sample. It's raining. I didn't wear a coat. We run through the rain and Shae thinks it's hilarious.

Drive allll the way to Fanshawe and Hyde park to bring Shae to day care

Get to work at 9:32. 2 mins late. Luckily my clients are super understanding.

9:35-10:35 client

10:45-11:45 client

My noon client is my labouring mom. She brings me a coffee because she is amazing. I'm so spoiled. She has a half hour massage and I decide she needs to go home because I don't want her driving and having too strong of contractions.

She leaves at 12:30 and I start to organize my day. Cancel my 5 and 6pm clients. Eat my lunch. At the same time book Everleigh's birthday party, order her cake and goodie bags stuff.

Decide to not cancel my 1:15 and 2:30 client so they both come. I leave my phone visible so I can see if labouring mama text messages me. She was under strict instruction to go home, eat, and try to nap.

3:30-4:45 workout: 150 calories on assault bike, with some ski erg, knee raises, and kettle bell front rack stuff. Then some awful hamstring curls and slider pikes and handstands.

Mama messages and contractions are 3-4 apart.

Head to their house, call my dad and Ryan on the way to plan for if I'm not home in the morning. Mother in law is coming to get the girls off to the bus, and nursery school so I am covered until 11:45. I always feel so relieved once we have a plan.

Arrive at their home. Time contractions. Do double hip squeezes. Make sure she is fed and hydrated. Contractions start getting very consistent and strong at 6pm

She got in the bath at 7 and I took that time to blog!

Get to the hospital at 8:30pm.

Baby born at 6:50am.

Get breakfast at my favourite healthy coffee shop, Rebel Remedy :) Congee, a Chia hydrator, and a shot of ginger, turmeric, and lemon. After being in the hospital for a night gotta fight those possible germ invaders!

Home at 9 to shower, and clean the house, then pick up Shae at 11:45.

Client at home at 1.

Shae plays iPad, and I nap from 2:30-5. Ryan thankfully comes home at 3, gets Evie off the bus and takes the kids to the chiro and costco so I can sleep.

6pm client

8pm client.

This is now Tuesday. Lol. My day was more like 2 days, but you get the picture.

Ryan says I look tired! DUH. But most importantly...

I am happy.

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