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Know what feeds your soul, and MAKE it a priority.

I have know from a young age I love travelling. All kinds of it, with my husband, with my kids, by myself, but my favourite kind of travelling is a girls trip!!

I just got back from Chicago.

It probably wasn't ideal timing considering we are moving this weekend from our first, our starter home, into our forever home.

We had this trip planned months ago and it was honestly a miracle the four of us pulled it off. With 8 kids between the 4 of us it took a lot of organizing, a lot of kisses, a lot of supportive husbands, and a lot of uber helpful grandparents.

The four of us have been great friends since grade nine and basically know everything about each other.

Each one of us deeply needed this get away, all for very different reasons.

Before I left we had so much going on I was drowning in my life. Little things that don't normally stress me out were sending me off the edge. I was yelling at my babes too often, not being kind to my husband, and not being a good friend. I was disconnected. I was looking at my phone too often again looking for an escape from the stress of selling and buying a house. Treading water and just trying to get by. My workouts were even feeling like an obligation and not enjoyable.

I knew I needed to get away.

The trip absolutely served its purpose. I feel like we got to experience a lot of Chicago, soak in the city and enjoy what it has to offer. Lots of walking, and so many long meandering chats. I don't think we stopped talking the whole weekend.

Being able to vent to other women, share your parenting fails and wins, talk through relationship gunk, and know they will have your back through everything is such a gift. I am blessed with so many amazing women in my life that I know I can count on.

Having girlfriends is such a huge value to me. It felt fantastic to put such an effort into these 3 and have 4 uninterrupted days with them.

I need to travel for my soul. I 100% have Wanderlust. Its my favourite word. If I go too long without some sort of exploring, I start to feel stagnant.

It doesn't always have to be somewhere new. I'm going back to Calgary and the Rockies for my 16th time this summer. A piece of my heart resides there.

Its not always easy. Its not even always financially responsible.

It is however necessary. I NEED it to feel like myself.

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