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Where the eff have you been??

What's more imperfect then moving into your new home and realizing you can't get internet.  

This is most of the reason I haven't been writing. We still don't quite have the situation figured out but we WILL have wifi at some point. For now I'm phone blogging from my kids gymnastics. 

Sitting here with these (now strangers, maybe someday I'll know them) people gives me all sorts of blog post ideas

-how to make mom friends

-when you're forced to make nice with people who you feel like you have nothing in common with

-why some people never stop talking 😂

Anyways... so in addition to moving to our beautiful farm, our forever home. We ALSO went on a cross Canada trip with the girls. 

I also am struggling with the milestone of both my kids will be in school in September!!! Seriously. What am I going to do with my life? I am so thrilled for routine again as much as I love summer time. My mind is a whirlwind wondering if I should go  back to school, work more, do more yoga (obviously yes. Lol), what course could i take, what do I want to be when I grow up? Will I be able to massage forever? 

Brain dump. I have all of these grand ideas, and a billion blog post ideas and it's overwhelming. I don't know where to start. But I'm back. I know for sure I want to write so at least I have that. 

Oh. And this. Finally a free standing hand stand. Years of this being a goal and I've got the feeling of it now. 

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