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What am I going to do now?

Many moms dream of this day, and I'm definitely one of them. 

The kids are both in school full time this September. It's happening. No more daycare costs. No more running them all over for someone else to have to watch them all day. Just a happy yellow bus pulling up in front of my house twice a day and taking my children away. 

Everleigh was ready. I'm not 100% on Shae. She is going to have a lot of learning to do. But I guess it's good she won't be bored! 

Being that I am self employed, when I had my kids I could only afford to take 3 months off. In an effort to have some more quality time with them I reduced my schedule to work three days a week, and have two days off (aside from a couple clients in the evening). I promised myself I would keep having these days off at least until they were in school. 

And here we are.

What does my brain want to do? Start something new, pile up my plate too high and start a university degree immediately. 

My brain isn't wrong. It's an ok idea. 

However I feel like we have this consuming need to fill our time with things and events and busy-ness. Especially this summer (aside from our amazing vacation) every minute has been scheduled with camps, play dates and social events. 

Don't get me wrong. It's been fun, and we've created some amazing memories. But I've got some different idea for what I want this 2017-2018 school year to look like anyways. 

Since having kids every second is about them. I have no time to check in with my meandering thoughts. Who am I as a person? Who am I as a mom? What do I want our family life to look like? Feel like? 

What are my highest values and priorities?

I am a self help addict who hasn't had the time in 6 years to sit down and FINISH a book. 

September is the new year to me. The time to refresh, have a clean slate and work towards new (and old yet unaccomplished) goals. 

I'm going to create a "me time" adventure for myself. I'm going to try to keep most of Tuesdays and Thursdays for self discovery, self care, and breathing room. 

I want to rush less and enjoy more. 

Anybody else???

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