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5 SUPER effing important reasons why you need to getaway with your girlfriends.

I have ALWAYS been a supporter of the girls getaway.

My girlfriends are an incredibly important part of my life. They know the best parts of me, the shitty parts of me, and everything in between.

I come home from a girls trip more in touch with my feelings, and refreshed in a way that nothing else accomplishes.

Here are my 5 reasons WHY making girl time a priority is important:

1. You need time away from your kids. So often our get togethers involve the babies on the laps, the toddlers running around, or keeping the big kids alive. I find when I parent and socialize at the same time, parenting almost always has 50% of my attention. I am listening to the conversation, but am I HEARING what they are saying? I need time with no distractions, including the dreaded phones.

2. It fosters independence. I have always been a super independent (maybe to a fault) person. I find travelling gives me such a rush because I have to figure out stuff. Planning it all, finding things, navigating airports, making decisions. Sometimes in a couple that stuff can be annoying. Figuring it out with your girlfriends is an adventure. You soon find out who you blend well with travel wise, and who you don't!

3. You can't get everything you need from one person. Even two!! I get some many beautiful emotional gifts from each of my friends. Some ground me, some push me, some encourage me to stay out until 4am! Hahaha All of these parts of my personality are important. Its very easy to loose yourself in the monotony of married mom life. Make lunches, clean, make dinner, organize sports, do laundry, REPEAT FOR LIFE.

Get Out and have some ADVENTURES! Make your life worth living! Don't wait! Its not going to happen TO you, you have to save up, and make these things a priority!

4. You will learn a lot. On my most recent trip we had a few girls who are in the midst of separations. We talked a lot about marriage, expectations and what we have all learned. This shit is REAL, and raw, and having your friends be vulnerable and allow you into their hardest moments is so amazing. I respect these women so much. For putting themselves first. For developing respectful co-parenting relationships. For being brave as fuck. I have learned more than I ever could from any self help book.

5. The laughs... Oh the laughs. At the most unexpected times. Brunches where we all nearly pee our pants. Ending up in Nashville Harlem by accident, running into hilarious 50 year old on planes when we are over tired and delirious, and talking to strangers. Morning coffee recaps from the people who stayed out the latest. Its pure gold these memories, and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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