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“You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be”

My experience at the ‘YogabyCandace’ workshops in Rochester Hills, MI. Follow her at @yogabycandace, @ybcevents, and follow the sweet gym that hosted at @startinglinehealthandfitness

I was beyond excited when I found out that Candace was coming to Michigan. I live in South western Ontario and Michigan is a short drive away.

Honestly I am SUCH a fan and I was blown away by nerves on the way to my first workshop. When you feel like you know someone through social media, their book, and their blog but you have never MET them before its a bit surreal.

I walked in to Starting Line Fitness and was impressed right off the bat. What an awesome facility. Luckily I am super comfortable in a gym environment like that. Chip and Vittoria were so welcoming, friendly and helpful.

I walked over and laid down my mat and built up the nerve to bring Candace some Paleo cookies I brought for her. First impression, she is so down to earth and gracious. She has such a calming presence and I was so happy she was as lovely in person as she comes across through her media. She’s silly, but knows her shit!

The Slow Flow and Grow class was fantastic. Challenging in all of the right ways. Candace has a magical way of pushing you outside of your comfort zone but also reminding you to truly listen to your soul and what is ok for you in the present moment. Her instructions are so clear I got to stay in my body the whole time and didn’t have to look around to see what we were actually doing.

She incorporated aromatherapy which was so lovely. The entire class was a physical, sensory, and even an emotional experience. I wasn’t expecting that. We did a beautiful exercise that really helped clear all of the bullshit out of our minds so we could focus and manifest positive things and change.

The SWAG BAGS were beyond incredible.

We got ‘Clever Yoga’ mats and hot yoga towels/hand towels. The ‘Five Minute Journal’ book, ‘Pilates/yoga socks’ and a cute head band from Sweaty Betty, 2 awesome tote bags (enviromedica), Sustain Natural ‘Post Play wipes (so cool, and super nice for the gym), and Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion!!

I am so excited to use all of the swag, especially the 5 Minute Journal because journaling is my jam!!

The second day began with a 2 hour Arm Balances class. To say I was nervous was an understatement. We all get caught up in our own heads thinking ‘we can’t’ or ‘we aren’t good enough’. Candace addresses all those fears, and made us have FUN! Cartwheels included. I did my first ‘Sirasana’ pose I have ever done and it felt easy! She gave us so many tools to build our core, and upper body endurance so we can accomplish even more with time.

The icing on the cake was the Restorative class at the end of the day. It was the perfect ending to the weekend. Candace was super inventive with props she finagled from around the gym so that everyone could get super comfy and relaxed into the poses. She incorporated more essential oils, and some beautiful readings that brought the whole class together. I was so relaxed I even fell asleep and missed one of the rounds of oil. I was so sad! When you’re doing restorative it is so hard to not dose off a little.

*the view from restorative forward fold*

I fell more in love with Candace after meeting her and being taught in person. I 100% will be attending workshops, and hopefully a retreat or two in the future. She is so easy to learn from, makes things accessible and encourages you so hard to believe in yourself! She's fucking great!!!

Here are some more photos from the weekend!

First time into headstand for these beautiful ladies!

Sometimes you just need a little help from a neighbour!

The whole group!

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