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New year, New you? Or a load of horse shit?

I have always been a resolution setter. I love to do it twice a year. January and September both just feel so fresh and inspiring to me.

I realize most 'resolutions' fail, however I feel like its because we don't know how to actually set goals properly. I have read so many books about goal setting and it seems to me the key is you need a WHY behind the what.

Why do you want to start getting up earlier?

Why do you want to loose the last 5 pounds?

Why do you want to quit smoking?

Why do you want to 'eat cleaner'?

What is the reason for it. Identify it. Feel it. WRITE IT DOWN. Further more, write down the steps that are going to get you there.

Last year my resolution (that I actually stuck to) was I didn't want to 'diet' anymore. I wanted to maintain a flexible, realistic lifestyle and for me that doesn't look like strict Paleo, or avoiding grains completely. Its very imperfect.

The REASON I wanted to do that was because I was already seeing the neurotic diet habits happening in my kids. They wouldn't eat toast, they wouldn't eat a timbit here and there. They were picking up on my avoidances and I didn't like it.

I want us to be realistic. As a busy family of two self employed parents, sometimes we need to get Tim Hortons quickly for dinner. I don't need my girls beating themselves up with guilt when that happens. I also don't need ME beating myself up with guilt for eating at a fast food restaurant every once and awhile.

Another resolution I set last year was I wanted to train consistently. I have in the past had a VERY bad habit of falling off the wagon. Going weeks at a time without working out. This doesn't feel good in my body. Not because of guilt, but because exercise for me is SO very important for my mental health. I feel clearer, more optimistic, and energized when I workout 4-5 days a week. I hired my co-worker Jesse to program for me (check out The Sherriff Academy). I have trained at least 4 times a week since last January (with a few vacation stretches off). My goal was ONLY consistency with a sprinkle of wanting to feel great in my skin. I wanted to prove to myself I could make it a priority and get there. Just show up and do it. I am incredibly proud of myself for making it happen.

This year I want to read more... Why? Because I love reading. I also have a bad habit of spending money on books when I never read one cover to cover. I want to read the collection I already have this year and keep track of what I learn from my 'self help addiction'.

To keep myself accountable and put this resolution into action I started a book club on Facebook. I am going to post the book there each month and we can discuss it at the end of the month all together! Its purely selfish motivation but there ended up being 34 people who joined in!

Developing a more consistent meditation practice, and gratitude practice are also on my list this year. I am using the 5 minute journal app for Gratitude, and Insight timer and the 'Calm' app for meditation. So far so good with those two things but they each deserve a post of their own.

Is goal setting important in your life?

Are you making resolutions, or checking in with your life and where you may want to make tweaks to have it flow better?

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