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What's your intention when you hit 'Share'

My name is Lara, and I battle a scrolling addiction.

I did a social media cleanse (instagram and snapchat)

the last two weeks and I feel so great.

I REALLY struggle with what my intention behind posting is and that makes me feel gross. When it comes to instagram or snapchat, how is it NOT for attention?

I know my kids are cute, but what pay off is there for me sharing photos of them to my followers. So I can get likes? So people can be jealous of how adorable they are? So people can comment on my amazing life?

*disclaimer, i'm probably still going to post photos of my kids sometimes, and maybe even of me. I am fucking human. lol'*

When you really sit back and think about it does it add to your happiness or your suffering?

If I look exceptionally good I will always snap or insta story a photo. Part of me justifies 'Yes! Its great I feel good about myself' but in the last two weeks my question to me is... why isn't it good enough for JUST ME.


Why do I need approval/attention/likes from other people for me to believe it?

Why can't I just know I look/feel good, deep in my soul and that be enough.

Why can't I just have the pictures of my kids for ME.

I still don't know the answers.

Have you ever watched someone curate an instagram photo. Its painful to watch. Or the amount of effort that goes into the perfect boomerang? For what purpose?

I have these moments where I think 'what could we be doing instead?'

- actually creating real memories

- listening and supporting each other

-being present

-growing and discovering ourselves

- paying attention to your kids/friends/co-workers instead of being head down in social media scroll land.

I honestly don't know what the future holds for my personal instagram. I'm sure it will be back in some capacity some day. My goal would be to have a clear boundary of when I scroll, and also when I do not.

I do need to have my business one and my intentions on that are clear.

Does anyone else feel grossly consumed by the like-ing, scrolling and stories?

Does anyone else worry what our kids see?

We are the first generation of SCREEN ADDICTED PARENTS>

All the advice we throw at ourselves about raising kids with limited screen time, we need to take into our own hearts.




I'm curious... take a minute. Think

whats your intention when you hit 'share'

what are you demonstrating for your young children?

When Everleigh was little, and would find my phone somewhere in the house, she would always bring it to me right away. That's how attached she knew I was to that device. To this day that still shakes me to the core.

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