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Coffee mornings have changed

What you might not know about me is that I require A LOT of me time, and self care.

When I had kids I designed my schedule to have Tuesdays and Thursdays off with them. Then Shae went to school and I kept the schedule. It allows for me to have time to fill my cup. I go to yoga, I move slowly and don't rush, I schedule baby visits or emergency massages sometimes.

One of my favorite things to do is sit at 10eighteen and write, research and create.

BUT thats a lie I was telling myself. Before I gave up social media I TOTALLY spent at least 60% of my time scrolling instagram or Facebook while I was here. Let me tell you, THAT wasn't filling my cup. It was numbing, it was stifling my creative flow. I wasn't learning. I wasn't growing. SURE, there is a sprinkling of amazing content, however, I can get that all else where.

Today I spend some time listening to some incredible TED talks... check out 'Who Delivered Your Baby' and 'What we didn't expect while expecting'. I cried in the coffee shop today I was so moved.

My creative energy flows in such a different way when I allow it to be uninterrupted. I was sucked in by the FOMO, but the curiousity, by the comparisons and by the judgement. SO MUCH JUDGEMENT.

It doesn't feel good to say that.

I feel so present and in the drivers seat of my emotions lately. I listen better. I am less snappy at my kids.

I have been reading, writing, and listening to podcasts more.

I spend the time I would have been scrolling checking in with friends, and thinking about how I can be a better friend, and a better doula.

I have had one negative experience this week because of no Facebook.

I am forgetting birthdays! Its such a wonderful tool for keeping all of that straight. Note to self to save important birthdays in my phone. Luckily people have been very understanding about it.

I've missed a pregnancy announcement or two but have found out eventually from conversation and share my excitement in person.

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