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Night one ramblings

So I wasnt going to start until March 1, but as I found myself scrolling today I was like ‘fuck it. Why wait’

I deleted the Instagram app and logged out of Faceboo, also I removed facebook from my safari favorites

I’ve really been appreciating everyone’s comments that they are going to miss my posts. I love motivating and inspiring people. It really is an incredible part of social media that you can have such a large reach. I also love that people are just going to miss me. I’m so flattered.

Ive also had people reach out to me in concern. I explained it this way. I am usually 75% - 80% happy in my life in most moments. But I am GREEDY. I want to milk every once of experience, connection and growth out of this life, and I felt like this was a good step towards that.

Already I notice the intermittent spaciousness. I would also scroll for a couple minutes between clients, and waiting for clients to get on and off the table. That scrolling could sometimes get a stress reaction out of me and then I’m heading into massages not relaxed. I don’t like that!

tonight I had room, time, and space. My conversations feel more present and creative.

oh I opened my phone and checked it about 40 times. The struggle is REAL in the habit department.

But already tonight I meditated. And that nourishes my soul in SUCH a better way than a mindless scroll.

I pulled over and took this photo today. It was stunning outside. Frosty and crisp and sunny!

Usually I would have posted it on social media. It almost felt foreign to enjoy the sweet moments of my day and NOT share them. So weird.

So I slowed my breathing down and really practiced gratitude for the beautiful day, for my kids playing in the snow before school, and it felt delicious.

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