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I have been a Massage Therapist for 16 years.

After completing my training through D'arcy Lane I followed my passion and developed my skills for athletes as well as prenatal clients. I have done my level one Fascial Stretch Training, Trimesters Prenatal Massage Training, and have worked closely with many crossfit athletes as well as many expecting birthing people.

 I am invested in all of my clients preventative health care. I believe we have so much power in our hands to create health in our lives and I'm not willing to sit back and not take charge. My ideal client is someone who loves movement, and is empowered in their own health journey. 

Massage Therapy for athletes can help with recovery, maintaining flexibility and strength, and increasing circulation. Massage Therapy is best performed cumulatively, meaning on a regular basis. The majority of my clients see me every 3-6 weeks. Fascial Stretch is a great add on to your body care regime. Fascia is a tissue in your body that should be pliable and freely moving. It can get inflamed and cause issues like loss of range of motion, loss of flexibility, and discomfort.

 It helps stretch the fascial tissue, allowing for more flexibility and less pain.

Fascia stretch doesn't hurt, its quite similar to yoga but with me facilitating the postures. 

Prenatal massage can help relieve pain and discomfort, as well as help with stress relief. It helps with circulation and swelling. I also can provide pregnancy emotional support and coaching through my work as a doula. Many of my clients find being able to talk to someone who knows the in's and out's of Labour and Delivery can be helpful for easing anxieties and fears. 

 I offer Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy and Pre/Post Natal massage. I also offer Infant massage in the form of personal appointments and classes. If you are interested in booking a massage please email me. I am currently accepting new clients at my Dorchester location. 

I also offer in home massage therapy. Imagine you setting the space how you prefer. Lighting, music, essential oils, candles. Its your home so its yours to design. I bring my table to your home. After your treatment you can relax and enjoy the therapeutic effects of the massage without having to commute back to your home.

 Financial Investment for Massage Therapy (including prenatal or fascial stretch)

$65 - 30 minutes

$80 - 45 minutes 

$100 - 60 minutes

$130 - 75 minutes

$150 - 90 minutes 

In your home Massage Therapy 

$90 - 45 minutes (only available if two people are having treatment)

$120 - 60 minutes

$175 - 90 minutes

To book an appointment please email

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