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Why you need a midwife VS an OB

As a doula I get this question on a weekly basis.

'so... you are like a midwife?'


'is anyone else there when the woman is having a baby??'

I can't believe in 2017 SO many people still don't understand the difference between the method of care of a midwife and an obstetrician.

I am going to give you an 'every day persons' opinion on the practices to help you make the right decision for you.

The basic difference is obstetricians should be for just high risk births, and surgeries. Midwives should automatically have every straight forward pregnant client.

Midwives do not cost YOU money. OHIP covers everything here regarding midwives in Ontario. #blessed

Obstetricians schedules are very hard to predict. For all of those pre-natal appointments you will have to attend it is common for you to be sitting in the hospital for hours waiting. Midwives usually book a clinic day or two during the week and can often get you in with someone else if they are at a birth.

Midwives offer a more intimate method of care. Their office feels more like a home, kids playing, women gabbing, comfortable. Try entertaining your 2 year old in a hospital waiting room for 2 hours waiting for your OB to come out of a C section. No thanks.

Depending on where you live midwives can come to your home to check on you before you go to the hospital. This is KEY when you are actively trying to avoid medical intervention if possible. The earlier you are at the hospital, the higher risk you are at for needing help that you may have been able to cope with at home without. When you arrive at the hospital you are on their clock. They don't want you labouring for 3 days on their watch.

Midwives stay with you the whole time you are labouring at the hospital. I mean barely even leaving for breaks for a 24 hour period. They are super human. When you have an OB you get a nurse, which is essentially like playing the lottery. Most are amazing but you never know. You see you OB for all of 15-20 minutes in the whole process. Even the pushing they call them in at the very end! (This is also a great reason to get a doula, to have a consistent person in your prenatal team)

Are you ready for the best part? After the baby is born, and you're at home and nesting. Enjoying new born cuddles and juggling visitors. The last thing you want to do is pack up and head back to the hospital for baby appointments, or even your family doctors office. Midwives come to your house AGAIN! They come visit day 3 and 5 and its fantastic. You don't have to put on a bra, or even shower. They come cuddle your baby and do all the necessary things in the comfort and ease of your own home.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, spend some time doing research on what method of care is best for you. This is a very important decision. Educate your families on midwives care standards and education. They are not witches delivering babies in fields! They are highly educated baby experts and are more than fully capable of helping you with your normal straight forward birth.

Also, hire a doula. But that's another post for another day.

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