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What you say really matters.

I am an over sharer. I love to write, I love to take pictures. I love to ask people questions they may get uncomfortable with answering, and I also love to be asked those questions.

I share stories about births, what I learn from them, my passions including movement, reading of self help books, and journaling.

I often feel like I'm preaching to a non existent choir, like who is actually listening? Then something happens that reminds me why I like to share and connect with people over my experiences.

I was at my 10 year Yoga Teacher Training reunion. One of my classmates took me aside and said she read my post about being a grandparent in the delivery room, and she truly appreciated the perspective. Its not always easy as easy for the expectant parents to have those conversations with family. I am SO happy someone read that post and made a decision surrounding the birth of her grandchild that was good for everyone involved. She planned to offer to stay home from the hospital and was preparing to offer support in other ways.

Another woman I spoke with from my class was actually invited to her daughters home birth and was incredibly moved and changed by the experience. She spoke to me about how she wished birth was like this 30 years ago. Women who were labouring then were a situation that needed fixing. They needed to be managed and saved, and weren't treated as humans but as patients.

She loved everything that doulas and midwives support. Normalizing the experience of bringing your baby into the world. Seeing women, hearing women, and honouring their choices.

I have been pretty absent from my personal blogging lately, because I've been working with two awesome women building a Doula Collective. We are so excited to be launching our website next week. Its been hard, but rewarding work about something we are so passionate about.

Being a doula is the best job I could have ever ended up doing. I love being fully present. Taking care of a couple and helping them feel safe, valued, cared for, and honouring their wishes for their babies birth.

I am definitely going to be back blogging personally again. Just thought I should check in and show everyone what I've been up to.

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